Women in ICT

A brand about the power of women and technology!

Women in ICT is a program that is initiated by STC and a network of organizations that promotes ICT careers for women. Its member companies understand the virtue of diversity and encourage open discussion and sharing of knowledge among women (and men) working in the ICT industry. The activities of the network are free and open to all. 

The Concept

This brand is about the power of women and technology. Through the research done on women in the ICT field in Saudi Arabia that investigates the problems they face and their ambitions and goals, we realized we were talking to a very strong minded women.They know what they want, they know what they lack to get it and they always search for way to get to their career goals. We wanted a brand that speaks to them. The logo is half pixilated and half solid and clear just like those women are tough and clear about their ambitions.



3 key values for the Women In ICT network:

-Grow through knowledge and experience

-Inspire the achievement

-Connect through shared interest

They were visualized in a way that reflects their meaning.



Since Women In ICT Program is initiated by STC the brand colors were inspired by original STC colors( Yellow, Magenta and Purple-Purple being the primary color). The change was to use richer shades of the STC colors and make the Magenta the primary color instead of the purple since this is a women-lead network. 


Photography Style

The images connects emotionally with the target audience: women. It captures images that tell a story about confident , smart and intelligent women, learning, leading and inspiring each other advance in their careers. 


The Applications

The applications varied from event badges, conference tickets, posters and flyers ,note books, give-aways and others.