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Made In Saudi

A brand that sets the new local standards! 

Made in Saudi is a program that aims at building trust in local Saudi products and promote them nationally and internationally. The brand name acts as a label on local products to indicate the quality and authenticity of those product and that they follow the "Made in Saudi" standards of production. 

Logo Formation

Palm trees have always been the locals’ treasure. They are a generous source of food, construction and commerce. The palm frond is considered one of the oldest and most primitive materials in the local industry. Today it inspires us to develop the sustainable industries of tomorrow. The palm frond stands for:

- Authenticity: The palm trees are bounties of this precious land.

- Innovation: The diverse uses & products made of palm fronds.

- Prosperity: The sight of palm oasis in the middle of the desert is evidence of life & civilization.

The different regions of the Kingdom are characterized by distinctive visual patterns that are documented in architecture, handicrafts and traditional costumes. To create dynamism, the most common patterns from different regions have been incorporated as part of the “Saudi Made" brand identity.

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Identity Elements


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Color Scheme

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Brand Applications

Brand applications varied from letterheads to labels on local products.

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