Global brand with a local pride!

Mabaat ​is a brand for Saudi real estate company that rent its properties (furnished apartments and studios) for renters who seek 30 days stay or longer. The company has a global reach and its properties are available in various countries around the world.

Mabaat is based on an Arabic word that means "home" or "a place to sleep"

Logo Formation

Mabaat is a global brand that proudly shows its Arabic origin with a touch of modernity. It looks into the future without forgetting its heritage. To visually achieve that effect, geometrical shapes were used as both a modern representation and a relevant traditional shapes in the Arab culture (specifically Saudi Arabia) 


The islamic culture avoids depicting living figures like people and animals in art pieces. And since the Arabic culture was influenced by the Islamic culture, geometrical shapes have always been an escape for visual artists. The most common geometrical shapes in our region are lines and triangles.

Identity Elements

  • Marque

  • Color Scheme

  • Typeface

  • Pattern

Brand Applications

Brand applications varies from printed materials to interior and furniture.