Karim Plastic

A brand about natural and artificial.

Karim Plastic is a Saudi plastic factory that produces strong polymers that don't harm the environment. The essence of that value proposition was reflected visually on the brand by focusing on:


-The green color to highlight the echo-friendly materials

-The polymers-like symbols- the geometrical lines- to highlight the strong plastics.


Logo Formation

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Logo Formation

Karim Plastic is a plastic factory that is committed to 

-producing strong polymers

-Producing green products
-Participating in boosting the Saudi economy


The concept was to visually symbolize the 3 points that the factory stands for and then assemble them into one single element that conveys them all.

Logo Formation.png

The Applications

The brand applications for Karim plastic varied from business cards, branded plant pots, official stamp, website , branded prints, cars and workers' apparels. The plastic, Karim's main product, was used creatively as a printed-on material (Ex:for the business cards) to best speak about the brand.