The Gift Art

A brand about flowers, fun and freshness!

The Gift Art shop is two things: gifts and flowers.People come to the shop seeking beautiful gift wrappings or creative flower arrangements

The Gift Art is a brand that must be fun, beautiful and dynamic. What dynamic means is that it can evolve overtime, can extend its usage on various mediums if needed and can diversify it's applications to fit the changes in the business and the clients' needs.  This is important for brands that need to stay fresh, updated and not boring. For sure, The Gift Art is one of these brands.

Logo Formation

Simplicity is key to dynamic brands. It allows them to grow and evolve over time yet in the desired direction they were intended for. An identity shredded down to the core essence, keeping only the relevant elements, makes it easier to stay on track especially if various creatives are to work with it. That was the approch used with The Gift Art brand. Simply, the 2 symbols that the Gift Art stands for ,a flower and a gift box, were combined into one symbol.

the gift art-01.png


The top element of the logo was arranged in various ways to create endless patterns. Here are few!

the gift art-02.png

Color Scheme

The earthiness feel was inspired by flowers.The various colors feed the brand dynamism and keep it fun. 

the gift art-03.png

The Applications

The applications varied from wrapping papers, flower bouquets, gift tags, shop signage and wax stamp to gift seal.